Afton Tully

Afton Tully

Client Service Team Manager - Liverpool

An experienced manager, Afton makes sure that our Data Breach team is working in the best interests of the people we serve. Maximising staff performance and processes to boost efficiency and satisfaction, Afton is committed to ensuring ongoing improvements and the best possible results for our clients.

Overseeing operations within our department, Afton also strives to ensure that everyone at our firm remains motivated and content in their work. Afton does this by ensuring that the right cases go to the right people, and that they have the tools needed to do the job.

Prior to joining us, Afton worked in a similar role at Hayes Connor Solicitors where she managed a team of data breach experts.  Before that, she gained experience in other aspects of law, including debt recovery, employment law, family law and personal injury.

With a keen interest in technology, and how it can be used to make the customer journey better, Afton makes sure that all service level agreements are adhered to. And, with a wealth of experience in creating new work processes, and making ongoing improvements to existing manners, Afton makes sure that we have the systems in place to work smarter, and, ultimately to exceed our clients’ expectations.