Data breach at Lyca Mobile. Are you affected?  

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Lyca Mobile has announced that it has experienced a data breach.  The security violation happened after unauthorised individuals gained access to it systems and personal customer data was compromised in a cyberattack. 

A statement from Lyca confirms that:  

The main types of personal information held by Lyca include:  

According to Tech Crunch, Lyca declined to comment on what type of encryption it uses when asked. In addition, it is not yet known if the criminals accessed/stole the company’s encryption keys.

Lyca Mobile has not said how many customers were affected by the incident and not every victim of this breach will have the same level of data accessed.

Lyca Mobile first became aware of this data breach on 30 September but took until mid-October to start informing affected customers. This delay has left these customers unnecessarily exposed to further criminal activity.

After the Lyca data breach, the mobile operator has advised affected customers to:

Keller Postman UK is currently investigating this breach and we are considering launching a no-win-no-fee group action to help victims living in England & Wales claim compensation. To register your interest in joining this action, sign up below.  

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