FAQs about the GoDaddy data breach 


On 22 November 2021, GoDaddy released a statement to let people know that it had been hacked. The attack happened when hackers accessed the SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol) and database credentials of 1.2 million GoDaddy managed WordPress customers.  

Those involved in the GoDaddy data breach might be due compensation for any distress or losses experienced. At Keller Postman UK, we have been contacted by many GoDaddy customers who have serious concerns about the security of their websites following this breach. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions our data protection experts have heard so far. 

What happened in the GoDaddy data breach?

In early September 2021, an unauthorised third party exploited a weakness in GoDaddy’s security to access a critical database. The data was compromised for over two months before GoDaddy realised it had been hacked.  

What data was accessed in the GoDaddy hack?

The following information may have been accessed by the hacker in this attack:    

  • Customer numbers   
  • Email addresses  
  • WordPress Admin logins   
  • SFTP credentials (usernames and passwords)   
  • WP database credentials (usernames and passwords)   
  • SSL Certificate Private Keys   

How many people are affected?

The affected databased held the credentials of 1.2 million managed WordPress customers.  

How did GoDaddy react to the breach?

GoDaddy blocked the threat and reset the affected credentials on behalf of its customers. It also issued a new DV SSL certificate to those compromised by this breach. GoDaddy also notified all impacted customers and provided instructions on how to reset each password. This notification was sent on 22 November 2021.   

Following the breach, GoDaddy implemented a range of security measures. It could be argued that these measures should have been in place earlier to stop the hack taking place.  

Who is behind the breach?  

GoDaddy has not been able to identify the hacker.  

Which GoDaddy customers are affected by the data breach?

You could be affected by the GoDaddy data breach if you:  

  • Are a GoDaddy managed WordPress customer 
  • Have an SSL certificate issued by GoDaddy 
  • Have purchased hosting through a GoDaddy reseller.  

Are GoDaddy customers at risk following the data breach?

Yes, if hackers have your personal data and WordPress logins, they could have accessed your website. Worryingly, SLL certificates help to make websites secure. So, if yours has been compromised, your website could be at high risk of hacks and other attacks.  

What should I do to protect my website following the GoDaddy data breach?

If GoDaddy has informed you that your data was breached (or if you are at all concerned that it could have been), you should take immediate steps to protect yourself. Find out how to do this here.

Can I claim compensation for the GoDaddy data breach?

GoDaddy has contacted those affected by this breach and we strongly urge anyone who has received such a notification to get in touch with us to discuss a potential compensation claim. 

How can I find out more about this breach?

If you have any concerns, you can contact GoDaddy at privacy@godaddy.com. 

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