Latest Data Breach Round-Up  – Feb 2023


In our regular update, we provide a roundup of some of the data breaches that occurred over the last few weeks.  

Arnold Clark

Hackers targeted Arnold Clark and demanded that the car dealer group pay a multi-million-pound ransom. If they are not paid, the cybercriminals have said they will upload customer information to the dark web. Tens of thousands of people are thought to be at risk. If you are an Arnold Clark customer, you can register to receive updates on this case. If we uncover that poor security processes led to customer information being compromised, we will launch a data breach group action to help affected customers in England & Wales claim compensation for the security failures. 


Air France and KLM 

Some Flying Blue loyalty customers had their personal information exposed following a data hack. According to a statement by Air France and KLM, customers of these two airlines had their accounts breached when hackers managed to break into the loyalty program. Keller Postman UK has launched an investigation to find out what happened, and how this breach affects UK customers of Air France and KLM.   


The Guardian Newspaper

Staff at the Guardian newspaper had personal and confidential information accessed in a sophisticated cyberattack. The compromised data included the names, addresses, bank account information, salaries, and passport documents of Guardian reporters. We believe that failures to adopt standard security measures may have made this attack easier and have launched an investigation into this hack.  



Ten million customers might be at risk after JD Sports experienced a cyber-attack. You could be affected by the JD Sports data breach if you placed an order online between November 2018 and October 2020. Affected customers are being contacted. Keller Postman UK has launched an investigation to find out what happened and how this breach affects JD Sports customers. 



T-Mobile suffered a massive data breach that affects close to 37 million customers. T-Mobile is investigating the data breach which is thought to have occurred when a bad actor gained access to its servers and stole user data. Google is also alerting Google Fi customers that their data was stolen as part of the T-Mobile data breach. Google Fi uses T-Mobile’s network. 

NHS Workers

Around 14,000 employees at a Liverpool NHS hospital trust had their data leaked after a file containing payroll information was mistakenly sent to hundreds of NHS managers and 24 external accounts. The spreadsheet contained staff personal information such as names, addresses, DOBs, NI numbers, gender, ethnicity, and salary.

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