Stay safe after the NOW: Pensions data breach

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NOW: Pensions Limited has experienced a data breach. On 22nd December 2020, the pensions provider notified customers to let them know about the breach of their personal data. The breach happened between Friday 11 and Monday 14 December 2020.

In its email to customers, NOW: Pensions said that the data had been obtained by an unknown third party after one of its service partners unintentionally posted customer data online in a public software forum. While the data was visible only for a short time, it was copied by several unknown parties.

The data accessed includes customer names, email addresses, dates of birth and National Insurance numbers.

The incident has been reported to The Pensions Regulator and The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

What should you do if your data was involved in the NOW: Pensions data breach?

In its email to customers, NOW: Pensions acknowledges that improper use of customer identity (based on the data taken) is possible. And, while it is taking steps to protect customers from harm, it could be too late.

As such, our data protection experts recommend the following steps:

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